Computer – A Combination Of Hardware And Software


The computer needs a set of instructions to follow in order to carry out an operation or a task. This set of electronic program instructions is known as software. The term software is defined as a set of program instructions. This is the direct opposite of the physical components like the mouse, keyboard and the monitor that can be seen and touched. This is defined as hardware. The software has been clearly differentiated into systems software and application software. The former is made up of programs that concentrate on how to manage the computer itself. This includes the operating system, disk operating system and the file management utilities. The goal decides the category of the software. It can be divided into two categories.

 Systems Software

The computer is managed with the help of this software. The OS is an example of where the software is applied. This operating system not only handles the data with its application but also the hardware of the system on the whole. The system's software is extremely vital to the functioning of the computer, without which each and every task has to be specifically coded by the user. The software engineer ensures that there are codes for every mission that the computer has to undertake. As long as the right codes are input, the user has no worry about its implementation. The system's software can make or break the computer itself.




The system's software can directly control and access the hardware of the computer with the memory locations. The I/O operation is performed on many memory locations. It controls the hardware and facilitates the application software to perform the specified task to hire a freelancer.

The system's software is used as a connection between the livewire and the hardware. The system resources are controlled and managed with the help of the system software. An I/O device is one of the prime examples. The processor time, memory hardware, etc are made available to the user in the process.

Operating system and utility programs are two types of systems software. The operating system can set programs that coordinate activities amidst the hardware of the computer. The users are able to communicate with the software and the computer itself.

Eg.: Windows Vista, Windows XP

Utility programs, on the other hand, enable the users to execute maintenance. It works with a system or the utility computing.
Eg.: The software system management is utilized to keep track of retail and wholesale.

Application Software

The application software forms the end user programs of the computer. They facilitate the user to accomplish various tasks on the computer. These activities could be anything from playing games to creating a database. The list is endless. The possibilities are many. The more creative the engineer, the more variety can be displayed.

The main feature of this software is that it is very specific to the job that has been designed. The complexity of the task also differs. While opening a word document, the font, the style, and the margin have already been set to ease the flow for the user. It is up to him to change it if he does not like it. The word processor is an example of application software that enables the user to change the settings as he deems fit. It need not be restricted to just the appearance such as the color or picture but also functions such as cut, copy and paste. Application software helps the user modify functions along with the settings. This personalization of the application with the help of the software is a big hit among the users.

Application software is used in the following

Dot Com

Websites and web browsers

Accounting software, database software, spreadsheet software

Application software runs on the systems software and performs the specified task. This task is given indirect access to the hardware that is behind the software system. The combination of the hardware and the software is known as a computer. It is made up of several components that come together to perform a specific task. While the hardware requires an input device, a processor, and an output device, the software requires an operating system.









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